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Audio Streams
We have the most stable servers with the best uptimes possible. Our 99.9% uptime guarantee is actually fact! nEo Stream Services strives to bring you the best! Our audio streams include free access to the Centova Cast Control Panel so that you have a multitude of ways to control your stream! More

AutoDJ Streams
If you have or want to start an online radio station this is the product you want! These streams come with the Centova Cast Control Panel. This control panel gives you unparalleled control over not only your media and playlists but nearly every aspect of your stream a radio station can want!
With the control panel you can stream music 24/7 or turn the automation off and let a live DJ connect it is your choice! With nEo Stream Services’ dedication to making sure you have what you need there isn’t anything you cannot do. More

Virtual Private Servers
These servers will allow you to host a website, or just about anything you can or want to do in a linux environment! Maybe you need a test bed or want to host your own website and have complete control over it. The limit is only what you can dream up. More

We offer many different options for support.

On our Support Site you can find instructions and walkthroughs for streams, control panels, and streaming programs.

We respond to tickets and offer live chat as well.

nEo Stream Services has even made video walkthroughs for setting up some popular streaming programs as well as setting up a playlist for use with an AutoDJ stream in Centova Cast.

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nEo Stream Services brings you the newest features available in the streaming media industry. With the help of you our customers we strive to provide the best streaming and hosting solutions on the market today
Our top notch support comes from a long tradition of paying attention to our customer’s wants and expectations. We don’t expect you to have issues, but when you do we will be there to give you the help and support you need to make the best use of our services. Every issue. Every time.
nEo Stream Services is dedicated to providing the very best quality to our customers, all our servers are above standard. And we regularly replace them in order to keep both the hardware and software running efficiently.
Our prices are some of the lowest on the market. We bring you the best features to compliment our services so that you are getting the most out of your purchase with us.